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  • UI Graphic Design

    Interface Design Work for AXL Website PDF Interface Design Work for The Car App PDF Myriad Studios Website Design Work PDF Tamago Farm Game Design Work PDF

  • Sketches: Inks and Watercolor

    Various drawings done with Procreate and Paper on iPad 2.

  • Sketches: Profiles

    Conceptual sketches done with Sketchbook Express and Procreate on iPad 2.

  • Bushi

    Mobile app company Apenaut’s first game, Bushi: a fencing game based on traditional samurai swordplay concepts such as making decisive tactical paths before striking. There are no life bars, a single strike means death.

  • Tamo Project

    Tamo Project concepts: a location-based pet game designed for smart phones with GPS.

  • Cannon Cat Concepts

    Character development concepts for the mobile game, Cannon Cat by Loqheart.

  • Cars & Bikes

    Various automobile sketches drawn with various Wacom tablets in Skethcbook Pro, or Procreate and Paper on iPad 2.